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East Centre

It is the first specialized market for the sale of used car parts in Riyadh and was implemented on an area of about (357,000 m2) in the Sulay district on Al-Safa Street. The idea of it is, to establish a large market for selling used car parts at economical prices to meet the needs of a wide segment of car owners. The Center seeks to attract investors and customers of the used car parts market, and to add an aesthetic and organizational touch to those works that were practiced randomly, in different areas of the city of Riyadh. (Riyadh Holding Company) has been keen to make the project ecofriendly through the availability of green areas and afforestation to give the environmental and aesthetic dimensions. This project falls under the umbrella of the company's projects with a civilized dimension, through which it promoted the concept of partnership between the public and private sectors, where experiences have combined and efforts were clearly integrated to develop service projects for the city of Riyadh.