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Scrap Metal City

The idea of the project is to organize the activity of collecting minerals (scrap) by establishing a modern full-service city on an area of 2 million square meters on Dammam-Riyadh Road that brings together traders specialized in this profession. Minerals are collected, sorted, pressed and then re-exported to other places outside Riyadh or the Kingdom. This city is concerned with regulating the trade of this type of mineral by avoiding the current negatives in this profession from an organizational and security point of view, in addition to maintaining ecofriendly. The company seeks to establish this project to achieve several objectives, including:

Contribute to the elimination of security violations such as thefts, violation of the residency system and others.
The preservation of the environment and ensure the application of all requirements in this field.
To ensure that this project has the world's leadership in organizing the trade in mineral collection, commensurate with the distinctive civilizational and urban development that the city of Riyadh has achieved.
To provide investment opportunities for citizens.