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privacy policy & terms and conditions

By accessing this website, you agree to be bound by the privacy policy herein regarding the collection, usage, disclosure and protection of personal information and data provided by Visitors in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations of Saudi Arabia Laws & Regulations If you do not agree with the terms and provisions of the privacy policy, please refrain from using the Website. We recognize the importance of protecting all personal information and data provided by visitors to Arriyadh Holding's websites "visitors". Therefore, we are committed to managing this information and data and protecting it from unauthorized use, disclosure or destruction.

Data Logging Practices

When entering the website of Arriyadh Holding, the web servers of Arriyadh Holding web servers automatically collect and record visitors' IP addresses. An Internet Protocol address is a number assigned to each computer connected to the Internet, and generally changes every time a user connects to the Internet, which prevents the ability to identify visitors, as it is a dynamic address. However, visitors' IP addresses collected by web servers may contain information that may be considered identifiable information, due to factors including the possible use of broadband connections by visitors that allocate them a fixed, unchanging IP address, which It can be linked to a recognizable personal computer. In addition to collecting and recording Internet Protocol addresses, the Arriyadh Holding web server also collects and records other types of log data (Log Data), including but not limited to the following information:
• The browser version used by visitors
• The operating system used
• Website pages visited
• Time and date of visit
• Time spent on each page
• Websites visited just before the website
• The amount of data transferred Access status (file moved, file not found, etc.)
• The search terms used to find the website
• Other relevant statistics.

No personal references can be identified from the above data, and therefore it is not personal data. Log data is used to generate statistics that help tailor websites to the individual needs of visitors, including, for example, improving the website and visitor experience by identifying which pages visitors find most useful.


Cookies are electronic placeholders that websites place on users' computers, and are commonly used as unique, anonymous user identifiers to track individual activity on websites for specified periods of time. The cookies used by Arriyadh Holding are session based and therefore only last for the duration of a visitor's session, and are used on the website to track visitor sessions to balance web servers while using this website. Cookies do not contain information or data that may identify a visitor, and no personally identifiable information is stored for any user in general, and any visitor specifically. Note that some aspects of the Website may become unavailable to visitors if cookies are disabled on their web browsers. Visitors can also choose to accept cookies only to be alerted of their presence, and they can do so by activating the alerts feature by modifying the relevant cookie settings in their web browser.

Disclaimer for External Links

Some of the content of the Arriyadh Holding website directs visitors to other websites created and managed by other parties in the public sector and/or the private sector, solely for the visitor's information and convenience. When visitors are directed to another website, the visitors leave the website, and therefore the websites privacy policy no longer applies. For added protection, Arriyadh Holding urges visitors to read the privacy policy or statement on every website they visit before providing any personally identifiable information.


Arriyadh Holding has taken the necessary steps to protect the information and data provided from loss, misuse, access, disclosure, modification and unauthorized destruction, including providing human resources, processes and appropriate technical procedures to protect and secure this information and data. However, Arriyadh Holding does not guarantee the security of information or data located, transmitted or stored via the Internet. When visitors provide sensitive information on Arriyadh Holding websites (such as passwords), this information is encrypted using information security technologies. In addition, security monitoring solutions are used to raise the level of protection, including by using account behavior analysis to detect fraudulent or suspicious behavior.

How we Use Visitors’ Information

Arriyadh Holding uses the information and data collected from the website to provide an optimal, safer and more efficient user experience. Below are details of how information and data are used:

• Website services management: The information and data collected are used to develop the services and features offered to visitors, measure and improve the quality of these services and features and provide the necessary support to visitors.

• Addressing Illegal Activities: The information and data collected is used to prevent potential illegal activities and to enforce the terms and conditions herein. A variety of technical systems are also used to detect and address suspicious activity and intrusive screen content, such as spam, to prevent abuse. Attempts to prevent these activities may, at times, temporarily or permanently suspend or even disable some relevant website features for some visitors.

• Communication with Visitors: You may use the information and data collected to communicate with visitors from time to time through advertisements in connection with the Service.

How We Share Visitors’ Information

To provide website services, Arriyadh Holding may share the personal identification information of visitors with affiliates of Arriyadh Holding, when necessary, to provide the required services, or in accordance with any other method authorized or approved by the applicable laws and regulations. Affiliated entities are prohibited from using this data in any way other than providing services for the benefit of Arriyadh Holding or within the framework of joint work between these entities. To respond to legal requirements and prevent damages, Arriyadh Holding reserves the right to share visitor information with government authorities and respond to their legally authorized requests to obtain such information or as required by law.

Evacuation Responsibility

Neither Arriyadh Holding nor its affiliated centers nor related parties assume any responsibility for the use of the website, including, but not limited to, the accuracy or validity of any claims or statements contained in the information or images related to the website, or the collection or recording of data or transferred. In addition, the visitor and/or the user releases Arriyadh Holding, its affiliates and related entities from all claims, suits, complaints, liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses or any of them, arising out of or related to the use of the website or the collection, registration or transfer of data contained therein, whether directly or indirectly. In all cases, Arriyadh Holding is not responsible, in whole or in part, towards any visitors or third parties in connection with the use of websites or the collection, recording or transfer of data.

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If you have any questions or suggestions about our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, please feel free to contact us (“info@arhc.com.sa”).