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Bin Qasim auction

Replacing the old auction, Bin Qasim Auction was built on 283,000 m2 land in factories district in between Al-Hayer road and Mansouryah. It provides the best selling and buying of used ew items service, and it attracts many residents of Riyadh city. That is because the popularity of this auction, and what people have in mind about it is that it provides everything in low prices. This center one of the tourism destinations in Riyadh that the company is thriving to accomplish many goals like:

Contributing to eliminating theft and residential laws (Iqama).
Contributing to execute and operate projects that is important to the history and future of Riyadh, and benefits the citizens at the highest levels to what the city have reached in terms of development and civilization.
Working on developing used item markets.
Working on developing used item markets.