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Riyadh Gate, the distinctive shopping icon in the north of Riyadh

The Riyadh Gate, the unique marketing icon in the north of Riyadh city. 

"Riyadh Gate Centre" hosts families and individual visitors where international brands has been attracted. One of the famous names in this event is SPAR, the Dutch supermarket, along with many famous brands from Italy, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and local Italian, Lebanese and Egyptian food restaurants. 

There are also several international and local retail sales brands like men clothing brand "Daniel Hechter", the Saudi designer "Dalia", "Adidas and Rebook", Al-Salman optics and "Mugla Signature Optics", Al-Majed Oud, and Mohammed Al-Qurashi Oud and Fragrances. 

(The Riyadh Gate Centre) consists of a supermarket, 41 exhibition, and 7 locations for restaurants and cafes. That order is to better show the place as shopping and entertainment distention at the same time. An additional value of the center is the view of King Fahad Road which visitors can enjoy during meals in the restaurants. 

To ensure flexibility, (Arriyadh Holding) made sure to present the center with a beautiful modern design that considers flexibility of usage. The design allows any later reorganizations of rental spaces to guarantee the best performance to the tenant. The company strived to decorate the center with decorative lights to add a special beautiful unique touch for this project.