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"Deira Markets" attract shoppers and visitors during Ramadan and the days of Eid Al-Fitr

"Dirah Markets" attracts people in Ramadan and the first day of Eid Al-Fitr

Dirah Markets as known as "Ashiger" welcomed shoppers during Ramadan of 1439H and during Eid Al-Fitr, offering Eid supplements and preparation materials. That is because these markets are known to be low priced, offers a variety of goods, and suitable for all classes of the society.

Dirah markets is widely popular as the oldest markets in Riyadh city. Not only that, but it is also a mix of the past and the modern time, it has a variety of women and children shops, men traditional clothing, shoes cosmetics, accessories, fragrances, sweets, office appliances, antiques, fragrant shops, bed sheets, and crafts shops. 

It is known that Dira markets (Ashiger) is one of the Arriyadh Holding projects that has a civilized dimension. The company aims at giving civilized character to the traditional and old markets such as Dirah markets. That contributes to the fact that the company is determined to validate civilization to all the old trading and social activities that the people and visitors of Riyadh city are used to.