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Ibn Qassem's shop is witnessing an increasing number of shoppers

Bin Qasim auction is witnessing an increase demand by shoppers.

Bin Qasim auction – one of Arriyadh Holding projects – is having an increasing number of visitors during the last period, due to the fact that it contains multiple offers on both used and brand-new items. 

Shops in Bin Qasim auction are characterized by the diversity of their activities, so shoppers can find all the things they need in one compound and to be able to compare prices and materials between many shops. The stalls on the other hand are characterized by the unique rare antiques. Not only that, but they also sell necessary tools for personal uses. The main reason for this place to be called an auction is the auction yard, where the magnificent callings of auctioneers drive us back to the old days. 

 The best we can talk about is Bin Qasim Auction is known to low priced on everything. Also, it provides used and new items to give the visitors a variety of options according to their budget, and that is the first distention for those who look for best prices.